Feb 21, 2022

NanoByte Token (NBT) Whitepaper 1.0 is now LIVE!

After much internal development and recalibration from our initial version of Litepaper, we are announcing thatNanoByte Token (NBT) Whitepaper is now published. In a refreshed, 20-page document, The NBT Whitepaper 1.0 features a more extensive information of the project development and will be the main resource of any NBT-related knowledge library for all #NanoByteSquad.

You can find it on our website or download it here.

All in all, we are more than pleased to share you the NBT Whitepaper 1.0 right before NBT’s launch, the Nanoverse Summit 2022, which will be held on 22.2.22. The online event will be held live on NanoByte Token official YouTube Channel and the full recording of the event will also be released there.

What are new the highlights in the Whitepaper?

  • Added new partners included in NBT ecosystem namely in telecommunication, f&b, healthcare and real estate.
  • Five Key Pillars and fundamentals of NBT.
  • Updated more extensive roadmap of NBT including brand new sub-point of NBT multi-chain roadmap, NBT X NFT community, staking program, lifestyle program, and much more.
  • Fully refurbished tokenomics with burning mechanism, and most importantly,
  • The Team

About NanoByte

NanoByte aims to bridge cryptocurrency to the traditional/conventional currency system, by making crypto-wallets compatible to FIAT products such as e-money, credit cards, insurance, and other investments.

NanoByte has secured support from Sinar Mas Financial Group (one of the largest conglomerate groups in Indonesia), and partnership with other institutions & parties to ensure the best crypto use-cases and offerings

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With this publication, we definitely hope that more #NanoByteSquad will get familiar with the features and roadmap of NBT.

NanoByte Token (NBT) Whitepaper 1.0 is now LIVE!
by Nona dari Nanovest


  1. Avis Gen berkata:

    Bagus sbg info dan pengetahuan saya

  2. eastwadee berkata:

    Let’s support and see how high this thing can fly!

  3. Jimmy berkata:

    NBT go to the moon..
    Great Project

  4. Sugeng berkata:

    Go go semoga tembus di angka 2$ Amin

  5. Elonmoesk berkata:

    Ayo Nano kamu bisa !! Tunjukkan pada dunia…

  6. wahana berkata:

    NBT go to the moon

  7. Neni Afriani berkata:

    Semoga saja bisa tembus 2$ bahkan lebih sy yakin dan percaya nanovest membawahi indodax dan toko crypto hehe.

  8. nurdin berkata:

    mantap nano maju terus

  9. Rio Renggga berkata:

    Nanobyte project jelas,., Gak langsung tiba2 ada.., ada peoses dan semoga menjadi solusi permasalahan cryptocurency di Indonesia

  10. wahana berkata:

    yukkkk pergi ke bulan

  11. Malih sandi berkata:

    Semoga sukses!

  12. SAKIRIN berkata:

    NBT good

  13. Ardhi kurniawan berkata:

    Mudah-mudahan saja saya bisa tembus 2$

  14. M.Rois berkata:

    (Nanobyte token) nama yang bagus:)

    Kami selalu mendukung karya-karya anak bangsa
    Semoga sukses.!!!

  15. M MIFTAH berkata:

    Go tothemoon 100.000/ token mantabb

    1. Edi kriswanto berkata:

      NBT is ready to enter the world market.. Congratulations and success..

  16. Abdul wasil berkata:

    Walaupun tergolong aplikasi baru saya yakin kedepan nanovest akan makin terkenal dan banyak investor maupun trader crypto dan Bursa saham yg melirik aplikasi ini terlihat dari proaktifnya admin dalam menjawab jika ada keluhan. Maupun pemberitahuan jika ada yg diperbaiki. Sukses selalu salam “To The NANO”

  17. Dani rahmat berkata:

    Sukses terus, NANO semoga NBT mebawa impian kita

  18. Edi Kriswanto berkata:

    NBT Tunjukan pada dunia bahwa kamu bisa sejajar bahkan lebih lebih..

  19. Edi kriswanto berkata:

    Ayo NBT tunjukan pada dunia bahwa kamu mampu lebih baik.. Sukses

  20. Edi kriswanto berkata:

    NBT siap masuk pasar dunia.. Mantap and sukses..

    1. Edi kriswanto berkata:

      NBT is ready to enter the world market.. Congratulations and success..

  21. Edi kriswanto berkata:

    NBT is ready to enter the world market.. Congratulations and success..

  22. Edi jriswanto berkata:

    nbt worldwide.. congrats and success…

  23. Gunawan berkata:

    Saya sebagai pengguna baru sangat terinspirasi dan mudah untuk dipahami

  24. Umar berkata:

    NanoByte Otw Ke Bulan

  25. Nursin berkata:

    Mantap nano lanjutkan airdrop nya????

  26. Subec-Han berkata:

    NBT go to the moon

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