Sep 11, 2023

Global Regulatory Report: Year 2023 and Beyond

Cover Global Regulatory Report - Year 2023 and Beyond

Nanovest Strategy and Research team proudly present Global Crypto Regulatory: Year 2023 and Beyond!

This is the first report by the Nanovest Strategy and Research team that raises the crypto regulatory discussion. We cover crypto-related regulations around the world, covering 8 continents and 36 countries. Apart from that, we created a map for global crypto regulations for several highlighted countries.

This discussion was raised on the basis that widespread incidents of fraud and money laundering have raised concerns. Of course, this encourages governments and regulators to build modern, adaptable and prudent legal frameworks. Countries are considering regulating all possibilities that could happen to crypto assets. So, we want the public to know any updates from a regulatory perspective regarding countries that pay attention and are aware of crypto assets and their actions to mitigate all types of risks that occur from crypto in the form of regulations and policies.

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Global Regulatory Report: Year 2023 and Beyond
by Nona dari Nanovest

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