Sep 18, 2023

New Feature: Nano Raffles!

Introducing Our New Feature: Nano Raffles!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest and most exciting feature yet – the Nano Raffles! This feature strengthens our existing relationships by giving you the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

In the world of Raffles, users’ chances of winning are directly proportional to the number of tickets they possess. Every additional ticket they acquire amplifies their chances of becoming lucky winners! 

How it works is quite simple. Entering a Raffle is just two clicks away, and tickets can be purchased by exchanging your NBTs. So, make sure you have NBT in Nanovest Apps first before joining.


*The picture above is just an example

As we are committed to ensuring a fair, transparent, and engaging experience for all its users, we employ a random number generator for the Raffles draws. Then, for the drawing process, we will be working together with KEMENSOS (Ministry of Social Affairs). Once a winner is selected, we will announce the winner through our official channels. The winner himself/herself will be contacted directly through email and WhatsApp. 

We will offer 1 (one) ticket to the Coldplay concert in Singapore for our first Raffle. Users can purchase the tickets between Sep 18, 2023 to Oct 1, 2023.


New Feature: Nano Raffles!
by Kiki A. Ramadhan


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